Konfrontasjonen av Kristol (PNAC) meget populær på You Tube

8. oktober 2006

Kristol confrontation makes YouTube waves;
One of the most watched, discussed videos raises questions of activist tactics

Aaron Dykes/ Jones Report | October 6, 2006

A large group of activists confronted PNAC chairman William Kristol during a speaking engagement at the University of Texas held Tuesday. They sought to confront him on the Project for a New American Century’s odd statement published in September 2000 that their recommendations for military escalation would be difficult to achieve failing a "catastrophic and catalyzing event" such as a "new Pearl Harbor." (pg. 51, "Rebuilding America’s Defenses")

Now the video of the confrontation is garnering attention on YouTube and worked its way well into the Top 100 most watched videos both today and yesterday.


The video, with featured interruptions and tough questions, has also become one of the most discussed videos. Among the discussion is a legitimate question of the best way to exercise civil disobedience.

Some users found the method of interruption to be abrasive, rude and counterproductive.

Some users found the method of interruption to be abrasive, rude and counterproductive.

At the same time, many point out that these are corrupt leaders and influential persons who aren’t exactly listening.

Shoutwire blog: Kristol gets the douch-bag of the year award for his treason to this country. Look at him swim.

This raises an interest debates. For those who are discerning and can now see how we are controlled by a band of criminals, the real question is how to have an effect, how to catch attention to the issues of importance that are purposefully crowded in spin, laughed off as insignificant and cast aside.

Leaders like Kristol are well aware that mainstream media outlets, such as Fox News on which he often appears, will likely never discuss documents like PNAC.

But the effect of shouting, interrupting and otherwise making a spectacle of a man who pretends to be respectable and insightful is certainly worth questioning. Perhaps the Kristol confrontation is a worthy example– there were cases of orderly questioning as well as outbursts.

What will succeed in drawing attention to the Project for a New American Century’s call for multi-theater war, drastic increase in military budgets, soldiers, stations, etc, etc.

negative reinforcement

How can we really grasp true public attention on the connection between the call for a catalyst that did, if only by the longest of coincidences, end up in just such a scenario. How can we really question the fact that 9/11 led to an open-ended multi-theater "War on Terror" almost immediately if jokers like Kristol scoff off questions about PNAC as ludicrous.

Kristol does just this after his is asked about PNAC and the "new Pearl Harbor" reference by a polite man who raised his hand (starts at 1:48 in video)

That does not assume that the opposite reaction is the best answer. Shouting and interrupting may not be the most effective and may indeed turn off certain members of the public.

It is worth pointing out that however much a "jackass" an interrupted may appear, it is equally true that they uncivil dissenter takes a real risk in openly criticizing its unlistening leaders. This may be particularly true in circumstance when it is unexpected. Steven Howards was arrested Monday simply for telling Dick Cheney that his policies are "reprehensible."

leaders don't listen

So here is a call for solutions: how do we confront the evil that dare not speak its name?

The truth of 9/11 absolutely must come out and must take consequence. The public can no longer trust its leaders and must confront them on pre-meditated murder and treason.

I appeal to activists to weigh the options, find a hopeful balance and do all that must be done to call attention to the crime that catalyzed an entire administration of war escalation, suspended rights, bold-face lies and the end of the Republic. Things are presently far too dire too remain strictly polite and wait for evil men to call on raised hands– at least, that was the decision I made, perhaps rashly. But I am in no position to apologize or resign myself to inaction.


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