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Makten bak makten

Invisible Empire

Alex Jones – EndgameBlueprint for Global Enslavement

Aaron Russo America – Freedom to Fascism

CRF – The Shadows of Power, James Perloff

The Rockefellers (TV dokumentar)

Veon, Joan. When Central Banks Rule The World


An Unholy Alliance [1996] CIA (opium and heroin)

Athens – The Dawn of Democracy

Beyond Treason

Bill Hicks

Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception [Robert Menard]

Consuming Kids

Energy From The Vacuum (Frienergi)

House of Numbers [2010] HIV & Aids

Maafa 21 – Black Genocide In the 21st Century

Paris 1919 Treaty of Versailles

Reel Bad Arabs – How Hollywood Vilifies A People


The Corporation

The Great Global Warming Swindle

The House of Rothschild [1934]

The Kinsey Syndrome

The Shock Doctrine [2009]

What in the world are they spraying

Why We Fight

Zinn, Howard – You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train

Curtis, Adam
– The Power Of Nightmares
– The Century of the Self (2002)
– The Trap (2007)

– Blood Diamonds – History Channel
The Diamond Empire Oppenheimer family’s cartel

– Occupation 101
– Peace, Propaganda And The Promised Land
– Defamation (Om antisemetisme)

– Orwell Rolls in his Grave (2003)
– Outfoxed

Noble, Scott
Metanoia 1 – Human Resources
Metanoia 2 – Psywar [Mind Control]

Perkins, John En amerikansk agent ber om tilgivelse

Pilger, John
Krigen du ikkje ser (The War You dont See)
The war on democracy (2006)
The new rulers of the world 2001
Apartheid did not die
Breaking The Silence – Truth and Lies in the War
The Timor conspiracy 1999
Cambodia – return to year zero 1993
Stealing a Nation
Atombomben – verdens største menneskelige eksperiment

David Rothkopf, Superclass

Talismanic Idols
– Ungrip
– Kymatica
– Esoteric Agenda

– 20-20 Hindsight – Censorship on the Frontline
– Ultimate Historiy Lesson med John Taylor Gatto
– What You’ve Been Missing


Money as Debt
Money as Debt II Promises Unleashed
Monopoly Men
The Money Masters
Oh Canada – Our Bought and Sold Out Land [2009]
A secret history of the International bond marked (Rothschield)


Terrorangrepet 11. september 2001 6 år etter [artikkel]

9-11 Blueprint for Truth

9-11  Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out

9-11 Press for Truth

9-11 Chronicles – Truth Rising

7/7 – Ludicrous Diversion

Anthrax Detectives

Fool Me Twice (Bali bombingen 2002)

Daniel Hopsicker – Mohamed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus

Fabled Enemies

Kill The Messenger

Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup

Loose Change: Final Cut

Terror Storm

Curtis, Adam, The Power Of Nightmares

The Truth & Lies of 9/11 [Mike Ruppert]

ZERO – An Investigation Into 9-11


Fluoride Deception

Food Inc

The Future of Food (2004) (GM Foods)
Unnatural Selection
Hidden Dangers in Kids Meals

Psychiatry: An Industry of Death

Sweet Misery, A Poisoned World (Aspartame)

Tapped, The Movie (2010)

The Disappearing Male

The Idiot Cycle (Kjemikalier og kreft)

The World According to Monsanto [2008]

Vaccines – The Risks, The Benefits, The Choices (foredrag)

Water: The Great Mystery


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