Anatomy Of A False-Flag Terror Attack – Part One

3. desember 2007

The chart above shows the structure of a typical false-flag terrorist attack network. NOTE: Click on image to enlarge graphic

"With fear as their greatest weapon, the plan is to engineer events, real and staged, that will create enormous fear in the countdown years to 2012. This includes a plan to start a third world war by stimulating the Muslim world into a ‘Holy War’ with the West, or by using the Chinese to cause global conflict. Maybe both."
– David Icke; The Biggest Secret (February 1999), pg. 490


The Kentroversy Papers
21. mars 2007

Anyone who has become involved in the 9/11 Truth or Patriot Movements has more than likely heard the phrase "false-flag" when terrorism has been discussed. If it was left up to those traitorous elected officials, the public would have never heard of this term, nor would they have heard the term "domestic terrorism" as well. This is true, because an uneducated public is much easier to fool than a public that is informed and comprised of an activist citizenry.

For those unfamiliar with the term "false-flag" when related to terrorism, it is defined in the following manner:

  • False-Flag Terrorism – Terrorist acts that appear to have been carried out by a certain group or nation, who are quickly named as the responsible party or parties, when in fact, the terrorist event was carried out by another group entirely. A perfect example of false-flag terrorism could be found within the 9/11 false-flag event. It was blamed on Osama Bin Laden and nineteen Arab hijackers, when there is plenty of evidence pointing to 9/11 as an inside job.

All False-Flag Terror Attacks have some of or all of the following characteristics; which I now present to the reader, explaining in brief detail each of the items on the list:


1. The terror incident or attack can be stated in terms of the Hegelian Dialectic, which is now more commonly known as Problem-Reaction-Solution.

The recent experience in the USA has been that these terrorist atttacks have been used as an excuse to take away freedoms previously enjoyed by every American citizen, as heinous laws such as the USA PATRIOT ACT are passed for our own good, which has NOTHING to do with patrotism, by the way!

2. The Globalist Agenda has in some way progressed by the false-flag event.

3. The event is but the latest in a long, prior history of domestic terror attacks.

4. Suspects are named almost IMMEDIATELY after event, but NEVER enough in advance, as to actually prevent the attack from happening. If there is foreknowledge, unless it benefits the globalist agenda, the evidence is simply ignored.

5. News media replays endlessly, video of the precise moment of the disaster. This is shown ad nauseum for the purpose of traumatizing the public. This behavior falls under the category of psychological operation (psy-op).

6. Shortly after the attack, freedom-destroying laws are rushed through Congress, typically in the middle of the night, or on a weekend, or any other day or time of day they feel will not draw too much attention, until the law is passed, when it is simply too late to do anything to stop it.

If any member of Congress does not agree with the passage of the freedom-destroying law(s), they are IMMEDIATELY attacked, and their patriotism is questioned by the establishment regime in power. If the true patriotic Congressperson weathers the storm that was used to attack their credibility, they are then said to be SOFT ON CRIME, or words to that effect.

7. Aspects of the attack draw upon tried and true methods of past attacks. Whether this is part of the attack itself, the propaganda surrounding it, or the desensitizing and preparation of the audience, the current attack will seem familiar, as it mimics aspects of past attacks.

An example of this is the manufactured strife in the Gaza Strip area, between Israel and Palestine. Another example of this are the 1993 and 2001 World Trade Center attacks, which were horrible incidents of mass murder, and the 2001 attack was perhaps the largest-ever case of insurance fraud.

8. Simultaneous ‘terror drills’ or ‘public safety drills’ take place at the precise time of the false-flag event. This is done for two reasons, primarily. The first, is to draw manpower away from readiness to respond to ‘real’ attack.

The second reason, is so there is an ability for the ‘drill’ to GO LIVE at the last moment. This confuses the readiness and response of systems like the national air traffic controllers on 9/11, who were completely nullified by the mornings’ events, and were mostly left staring at dummy blips on their radar screens, as the 9/11 scenario went down right under their noses.

9. Eye-witness reports vary greatly from the establishment version of events of what really took place during the attack. Witnesses who conflict with or contradict the official-fiction of the attack are badgered into silence by law enforcement and FBI special agents.

A threat assessment is done as per manner of course, and if the dissenting voice is found to be damaging to the official-fiction of events, they could find themselves victim of character assassination, have their communications fall under surveillance, or have their home broken into. Those who pose the greatest threat to the equalibrium of the status quo, are simply ‘suicided.’

Typical tactics used against someone who refuses to bend to the government’s Official-Fiction of an event are subject to Ad Hominem attacks, Straw Man arguments, and other types of character assassination.

The Ad Hominem attack uses emotion to enflame a debate, where the emotional attack replaces the facts being presented by one side. The Straw Man is a type of rhetoric, where an individual creates an easily defeated point of view or a bogus claim designed to detour the debate into areas where credibility can be easily attacked.

10. Surveillance cameras in the immediate area of the attack are turned off, become mysteriously broken, or are simply turned away from the action. If anyone notices, this will be blamed on pranksters, but nevertheless, it still benefits those carrying out the dirty deed.

11. This next one is extremely important …

The LIVE news broadcasts in the city of the attack, in the first two hours after the attack, form the most important evidence being broadcast without the filter of editors and censors. In the first moments after 9/11 went down, the newspeople were speaking about a "series of bomb explosions," as were those in Oklahoma City six years earlier.

But, as the minutes become hours, the official story is created right before the nations’ eyes and ears. Once the propagandists get their hands on things, the whole story changes, and the OFFICIAL FICTION of the event emerges, quietly replacing damning eyewitness testimony.

12. As soon as it is possible after the attack, the site is LOCKED-DOWN. No outside investigators are allowed anywhere near the site, and those who try, are almost always arrested. Truthful investigation is NOT allowed, and all physical evidence is DESTROYED ASAP.

13. Investigation by a empaneled commission of government traitors is grudgingly carried out, with the effect being that of the proverbial fox guarding the henhouse. This i
s easily proven by the number of days it took to the government to begin its’ investigation in the following disasters:

Sinking of the Titanic = 6 days
JFK Assassination = 7 days
Challenger Shuttle Disaster = 7 days
Pearl Harbor Attack = 9 days
The Events of 9/11 = 441 days

14. The sudden appearance of BOGUS EVIDENCE occurs, which is done to prop up the official-fiction of an event, in an attempt to bolster the event’s believability.

An example of items in this category include alleged hijacker passports that survived the 9/11 tower crash infernos, and the backyard photos of Lee Harvey Oswald, which convicted him of the JFK murder in the eyes of the public, even though the photos were faked composites, with Oswald’s head on another person’s body. The aspects of this so-called evidence that proves it to be false is ignored, and NEVER mentioned.

Documents released in the late 1990’s via the Freedom of Information Act show that Oswald was employed by the CIA, and was acting on their behalf as a PATSY on November 22, 1963. This, of course, was not mentioned, which provided the JFK public execution with the very definition of a coup d’etat against this nation.

Also not mentioned was the fact that those whose passports were allegedly found in the street after 9/11, were working at Pensacola Navala Air Station, and under the purview of Naval Intelligence.

15. A bogus investigation is conducted by a government panel riddled with conflicts of interest, such as happened with BOTH the Warren Commission and the 9/11 Commission. Only evidence that supports the government’s own official-fiction of the event is considered, while everything that proves the contrary is IGNORED.

William Rodriguez, the last living person out of either tower and the TRUE HERO of 9/11, was completely ignored by the 9/11 Commission, and this was because his testimony included hearing BOMBS going off in the basement BEFORE the plane hit the building he was working in.

16. The head terrorist is trotted out at opportune moments, such as when Bush Jr’s approval ratings fall. Osama Bin Laden, in spite of being dead, has delivered UNDATED video tapes to the U.S. government, where he threatens further terror attacks. Sidemen such as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi are murdered multiple times, to extract the maximum public relations effect out of his death.

In the case of Timothy McVeigh, who hails from the Buffalo, New York USA area, his execution appears to his family to have been a staged event. After speaking with a member of his family, I was told that he was taken into protective custody, had since been given plastic surgery, and he now lives and works somewhere in South America, where he is known by another name and background.

No member of his family had gone to the execution, and this is because they were told by McVeigh NOT TO ATTEND. I believe this family member more than I believe the government of McVeigh’s fate. Like Oswald, he too had begun work in the military intelligence community.

17. Further terrorists are recruited through the intelligence agencies, such as the CIA, MI5, and MI6, which then carry out further attacks. And the cycle endlessly repeats …

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