Worldwide Evil and Misery av Robin de Ruiter

Worldwide Evil and Misery: The Legacy of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines

Robin de Ruiter har publisert bøker siden 80-tallet og hans bøker har dukket opp i over 100 land. Han er velkjent internasjonalt. Ruiter snakker sju utenlandske språk flytende, noe som gir han tilgang til en rekke kilder. Dette gjør hans bøker svært viktige.

Denne boken handler om utviklingen av den nye verdensorden som har som mål å undertrykke hele menneskeheten.

Jeg anbefaler deg på det sterkeste å lese denne boken!

Fra boken:

«Among the ruling elite one can find Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Buddhists and many others. The conspirators are those who, independent of race, nationality, or political views strive for world domination.

«The New World Order they are planning will be a World Dictatorship. Conservatives will call it Socialism or Communism. Liberals will call it Fascism. The label makes little difference; it will be the Gulag Archipelago on a worldwide basis.»

«Traditionally the international press never mentions anything about the content of the off-the-record discussions. Sometimes a conference where prominent members from the world of politics, business and society speak confidentially about international questions is mentioned briefly. It is always mentioned that the participants assist as private persons, not in their official occupations.»

Planlagt verdensregjering

«Today the IMF tries to characterize itself as an organization for development assistance. Together with the World Bank, the IMF exercises nearly unlimited power and can put nations up against each other. They can make the avarage income drop dramatically, and can regulate the spending power and actual wealth of any country as they please. They do the latter through restriction of the money in circulation, or forbidding the country in question to use its own economic profits.

Insted, the countries are forced to export their products under the conditions of the competition on the world marked. The collapse of legal economic systems form the basis for the development of uprisings, the destabilization of independent states, the collapse of institutions and, in extreme cases, it can lead to war. This will happen at the precise day and time determined by the truly ruling class.»

Om krig

«Every war starts with a lie in the media! Our leaders always need acause to obtain the support of the people for a major military operation. Psychological influence and social manipulation are very effective meanse at getting the public to support a war or revolution.»

«Thompson [in his book Lusitania] demonstrates that Woodrow Wilson knew four days beforehand that the Lusitania was carrying six million rounds of ammunition and explosives, and that «passenger who proposed to sail on that vessel were sailing in violation of statute of this country.»

«Since 1961 around two million Vietnamese have died, 300,00 are missing and hundreds of thousands of Cambodians and Laotians were killed; in Northern Vietnam 9000 out of 15,000 villages were annihilated bombs, land mines and insecticides destroyed millions of hectares of land. In the South of the country a million widows, 900,000 orphans, half a million disabled and 200,000 prostitutes were abandoned, the consequences of one of the bloodiest wars in the history of mankind.»

«The trial againstthe former president of Yugoslavia, which was announced as the «mother of all trials» by NATO has become a secret trial. The reasons for this may be clear to anyone who has read Milosevic’s opening statement, which was published in numerous newspapers, in which he puts the irrefutable evidence and sensational facts concerning the major role played by the United States, Germany and other NATO countries in the destruction of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia on the table. Peaople may distort or ignore the truth; they can never conquer it.»


«Around June the military plan was ready, and the operation’s planning was finished in July. A long time before September 2001, British armed forces in the region were mobilized. The project was named exercise Swift Sword; 23,000 British soldiers were brought to Oman shortly before 911. At he same time, two American aircraft carriers navigated into the Arab Gulf by the coast of Pakistan. Moreover a group of 17,000 American soldries and 23,000 NATO-soldiers were moved to Egypt for exercise Bright Star. All of these troops were ready for combat, even before any plane hit the World Trade Centers. On September 9, detailed plans were handed over to George W. Bush. The only thing that was missing was a suitable motive. »


«The international web that imposes its will on the world in a very refined way is so far invisible to many. This web, formed by familiy ties (bloodlines), huge groups and holdings with many branches and charity funds worth billions of dollars, has infiltrated national governments all over the world. At the moments many governments, consciously or subconsciously, are like puppets on a string for the shadow government. The never-ending activities of this powerful organization are mainly carried out in a devious manner and should definitely be questioned.»


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