"None Dare Call It Conspiracy" av Gary Allen


‘None Dare Call It Conspiracy’ tar for seg internasjonale ‘bankers‘ og hvordan de har bygget fundamentet for å bli rik og mektig, og hvordan de jobber mot en verdensregjering med allverdens makt.

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Ubesvarte Spørsmål
17. februar 2010

«If we were merely dealing with the law of averages, half of the events affecting our nation’s well-being should be good for America. If we were dealing with mere incompetence, our leaders should occasionally make a mistake in our favor. We … are not really dealing with coincidence or stupidity, but with planning and brilliance»

Rothschild familien

«Meyer Amschel Rothscild (1743-1812) of Frankfurt, Germany, kept one of his five sons at home to run the Frankfurt bank and sent the others to London, Paris, Vienna and Naples. The Rothschilds became incredibly wealthy during the nineteenth century by financing governments to fight each other.»

«The Bank of England, Bank of France and Bank of Germany were not owned by their respective governemnts, … , but were privately owned monopolies granted by the heads of state, usally in return for loans. .. Once the government is in dept to the bankers it is at their mercy.»

Thomas Jefferson (tredje president av USA) skrev til John Adams (andre president av USA)

«I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies …»

The Federal Reserve act

«German born international financier Paul Warburg masterminded establishment of Federal Reserve to put control over nation’s economy in hands of international bankers. »

Børskrakket i 1928

«The investing public, including most stock brokers and bankers, tokk a horrendous blow in the crash, but not the Insiders. They were either out of the market or had sold «short» so that they made enourmous profits as the Dow Jones plummeted»

«To think that the scientifically engineered Crash of ’29 was an accident or the result of stupidity defies all logic.»

Bolshevik Revolution

«In the Bolshevik Revolution we see many of the same faces that were responsible for creating the Federal Reserve System, initiating the graduated income tax, setting up tax-free foundations and pushing us into WWI.»

«For fifty years the Federal Reserve-CFR-Rockefeller-insider crowd has advocated and carried out policies aimed at increasing the power of their satellite, the Soviet Union. Meanwhile, America spends $75 billion a year on defense to protect itself from the enemy the Insiders are building up. »

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

«CFR members have controlled, the last six administrations. Richard Nixon has been a member and has appointed at least 100 CFR members to high positins in his administration»

«The goal of the C.F.R. is simply to abolish the United States with its Constitutional guarantees of liberty.»


«The financing for Adolph Hitler’s rice to power was handled through the Warburg-controlled Mendelsohn Bank of Amsterdam and later by the J. Henry Schroeder Bank with branches in Frankfurt, London and New York.»

En verdensregjering

«We willhave systematic population reduction, forced sterilization or anything else whitch the planners deem necessary to establish absolute control in their humanitarian Utopia. But to enforce theres plans, you must have an all-powerfull world government. You can’t do this if individual nations have sovereignty.

Kun en del av konspirasjonen

Gary Allen presiserer at denne boken kun diskuterer et segment av konspirasjonen – noen internasjonale bankers.

Om forfatteren

Gary Allen (1936-1986) var en amerikansk konservativ journalist. Han gikk opp i historie på Universitetet i Stanford og studerte på Universitetet i Long Beach, California.

Han var en fremstående medlem av John Birch Society, hvor han var talsmann. Han har skrevet for magasiner som Conservative Digest og American Opinion siden 1964. Han skrev også taler for George Wallace under Alabama Governor Presidential campaigns og var rådgiver for den konservative milionæren Nelson Bunker Hunt fra Texas.

I 1972 skrev Gary Allen sammen med Larry Abraham en berømt bok None Dare Call It Conspiracy (forord av John G. Schmitz), som var en bestselger (ryktes å ha solgt over 5 milloner kopier verden over) under presidentvalget i USA.

Liste over publiserte bøker:

  • Communist Revolution in the Streets, Western Islands, 1967
  • Nixon’s Palace Guard, Western Islands, Western Islands, 1971
  • Richard Nixon: The Man Behind the Mask, Western Islands, 1971
  • None Dare Call It Conspiracy, Lightyear Press, 1972
  • Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Carter, ’76 Press, 1976
  • Kissinger: The Secret Side of the Secretary of State, 76 Press, 1976
  • The Rockefeller File, ’76 Press, 1976
  • Tax Target, Washington, ’76 Press, 1978
  • Ted Kennedy: In Over His Head, ’76 Press, 1981
  • Say «No!» to the New World Order, Concord Press, 1987

En nøkkel til å forstå store begivenheter i verdenshistorien er å lese None Dare Call It Conspiracy, som er en meget god og lettlest bok. Du finner boken i PDF.


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